Plateaux M | Les Visconti

Mural tray - 41 x 30 cm - Design Rachel & Benoît Convers - High Pressure Laminate - Made in France

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Les Visconti

The Visconti are trays to be used for service, then to be displayed freely on the wall like a pictorial work, a mythological painting.

The skin quality of this atypical cat, the Sphynx, and its uncanny resemblance to human skin inspired Rachel Convers in 2012 to design a collection of bowls representing an aristocratic family: the Viscontis. Lazy Victoire is the rebellious version of Victoire, the granddaughter of the Visconti family.


​A cultivated descendant of an aristocratic lineage, Victoire reveals all the ambiguity of the powerful ones. A feline with human skin, a cruel elegance, a formidable coquette and a seductive predator, she fully satisfies the demands of her rank.

Lazy Victoire

Lazy Victoire, the cultivated descendant of an aristocratic lineage, fully satisfies the demands of her rank but reveals a boisterous nocturnal temperament in the evening.
At the piano, the elegant feline dissipates behind the smoke to play the emancipated for the time of an evening.


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Model Lazy Victoire or Victoire
Material compact birch laminate
Weight 0,6 kgs
Dimension H.44 x L.32 cm
Country of manufacture Molded in Sweden, cut and packed in France
Little extra Water and heat resistant | Dishwasher safe