La Divina light

Illuminated Picture - ⌀ 75cm - Design Rachel & Benoît Convers - Materials: Printed Fabric / Metal Frame - Made in France

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Luminaire La Divina

The Statuary of the Louvre Museum is invited into this luminous collection that makes marble and light, the immutable and the ephemeral, shine.
The poetry of the living invites itself to great timeless figures to whisper in its ear all its fragility. 

Light, sculpture & patrimony 

The alabaster body of La Divina, imbued with a secular melancholy, awakens in weightlessness, floating among a movingly fragile nature.
A suspended moment, a fleeting encounter where the poetry of the living enters into empathy with us.


The paint is printed on a fabric allowing a uniform diffusion of light, while the disc on which it is applied is made of Dibond, a stable and rigid aluminum.
Sometimes work of art or a wall lamp, the intensity-adjustable LED lighting emphasizes the delicate features of the La Divina character.


Material Molded textile | metal structure
Weight 2,4 kgs
Use Indoor
Dimension Ø75 cm
Model La Divina
Little extra Delivered assembled