Galerie de Portraits - Présentation en magasin

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Create a wall composition to present the collection

The Galerie de Portraits is one of our flagship collections.
After being used for the service, the trays are hung on the wall like pictorial works.

Quelle est la meilleure façon de les présenter en magasin ?

In order to make the collection visible and attractive, it is recommended to create a wall of trays.
Like a portrait gallery, the wall of trays can be easily integrated into the world of your point of sale. 

Easy to set up, compositions are possible for every type of space, whether it is small or large, wide or narrow.

Tips for creating a harmonious and attractive wall of trays

  • Combine trays of different shapes and sizes to show the variations that exist and offer a choice for all budgets.

  • Choose to anchor it above a sideboard, an entrance console, a sofa, a Diva Lucia or an Elisée… 

  • Create visual harmony by spacing the trays equidistant from each other to create an orderly whole - we offer several layouts, and the ability to download our tutorials
  • Let your creativity run wild... Tray walls work very well in places that are more difficult to decorate: the stairway, the back of a counter... Combined with other objects, the mural trays create a cabinet of curiosities atmosphere.

  • Always keep a stock of the trays on display so that you do not have to remove a tray from your wall arrangement, which would affect the harmony of your wall.

Dare, change!
Thanks to our wide range of trays, you can renew your in-store offer and regularly bring something new to the table. You can also change the location of your composition within your point of sale, change the colour of the paint...

Choose your wall composition according to the size of your wall

Depending on the space available in your shop, we will give you the keys to creating successful arrangements. You can experiment with a multitude of possibilities for arranging the trays to create a harmonious whole, both in terms of formats and the combination of shapes and colours. 

We offer you wall compositions of trays that you can reproduce identically in shop. For each wall composition, a tutorial is available to help you with the installation.

The horizontal wall of trays

 10 trays
wall of  243 x 130 cm

The vertical wall of trays

wall of 210 x 105 cm

Le mur de plateaux Large

wall of 345 x 150 cm

Choose the colour of the wall according to the desired atmosphere

To create coherence with the rest of your shop, we suggest that you combine the trays according to the atmosphere you wish to convey through the following Pantone references: 

Curry Yellow RAL 1027 bright atmosphere

Brown red RAL 3011for a chic interior

Pale green RAL 6021 for a natural atmosphere

NB: Prefer matte paints, which are very trendy, elegant and natural. Unlike gloss paints, they give a smooth, streak-free finish that hides even the irregularities and imperfections of walls.

Fixing the tray to the wall in an optimal way

The tray can be easily attached to the wall using the peg included in the package, which is identical to all trays.
The wall must be drilled. For plasterboard, stone and brick surfaces, we recommend fixing a dowel beforehand. Screw on the peg. Once the coat hook is stable, press the slot in the tray provided for this purpose into the coat hook. Put the tray down and press firmly until you hear a slight click indicating that the tray is now fixed.
The peg allows the tray to be held tightly against the wall and makes it easy to hang and unhang depending on the use.

The double function: a decorative and singular tray, but above all functional

One of the particularities of the Galerie de Portraits is its dual use.
Indeed, the trays fulfill their function of use and resist valiantly to intensive use. Even if the wall of trays is the most visually impactful in the store, it is equally important to show its dual use.
To do this, we advise you to always have one in the store so that the customer can handle it, realize its weight and strength, touch its material made of birch leaves, appreciate the fineness of the lace around the edge, the quality of the finishes and details of the printing.

A tray has several functions in a shop: to decorate a decorated table, to serve coffee to customers, to hold a small decoration, to be placed on a chest of drawers...

Are your customers also collectors?

We have noticed that many ibride fans are collectors of trays and play up the accumulation in their homes.
Is this also the case with your customers? 

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