Bleu de Sapin



250 g passion fruit pulp

50 g sugar

20 g cornstarch

5 egg yolks

100 g whipped cream


- Blanch the egg yolks with the sugar then add the cornstarch

- Heat the passion fruit pulp in a saucepan

- Once it is simmering, pour some of it into the egg yolks and mix, then return it to the pan with the rest of the juice and heat it until it boils.

- Place the mixture in a salad bowl, filter and leave to cool in the refrigerator for at least 3 hours



1 mango

2 passion fruit

50 g water

50 g white sugar


- Recover the pulp of the passion fruit, put it in a saucepan with water and sugar, then remove the seeds with a strainer to recover the syrup

- Peel and coarsely cut the mango

- Mix the mango and the passion fruit syrup

- Puis mettre la préparation dans une sorbetière si vous en avez une, sinon mettre la préparation au congélateur minimum 3h pour faire un granité

Orange Meringue


5 egg whites

120 sugar

2 oranges


- Whip the egg whites by adding the sugar little by little

- Once the whites are well beaten, add the zest of the oranges

- Spread the meringue thinly on a baking sheet

- Faire cuire dans un four à 100 degrés pendant 1h


-Make supremes with the zested oranges to put with the dessert

Château de Germigney

Saffron Jelly


400 g of vegetable stock

2 grams vegetable jelly


- Boil the vegetable stock with the saffron and add the vegetable jelly while whisking

Carrot purée


 Cook 600 g of carrots in boiling water and make a purée

- Blend the purée and incorporate the zest and juice of 2 mandarins

- Pour into a half-sphere mold and freeze

- Plonger les dômes congelés dans la préparation au safran à 3 reprises et réserver

cuisson de légumes


4 large slices of pumpkin

600 g carrots  

12 small carrots

12 pieces of baby turnips

2 tangerines


- Cook the pumpkin in foil with salt, pepper and olive oil at 170 °C in the oven for 35 minutes

- Make the baby carrots and turnips, turn and cook them in boiling salted water

- Keep 3 pieces of raw turnips to make raw turnip petals

Make 8 mandarin supremes and put them through a blowtorch to brown the flesh slightly

Biscuit Éponge Cake épinards


200 g spinach

50 g wild garlic

2 egg whites  

40 g flour


- Blanch spinach and wild garlic in boiling salted water then cool in ice water

- Drain, blend and reserve in a pipette

- Mix the spinach and wild garlic puree with the egg whites, flour and salt. 

- Whip the mixture and put it in a siphon (add gas twice)

- Fill a plastic cup previously greased with the preparation of the siphon to the third and cook in the microwave 1 minute

- Let cool and set aside


- Make a potato tortillon and fry it at 160°C

- For the sheet: the device is composed of 2 egg whites, 60 g of flour, 60 g of melted butter, a pinch of salt

- Put in a cool place, then apply the mixture to the silicone moulds in the shape of a leaf once everything is cold and cook at 180°C for 6 minutes

- Make 8 thin slices of blanched carrots and roll them on themselves. Also make small carrot shavings for decoration

- Scoop out 4 turnips with a melon baller. Fill them with the carrot purée and replace the turnip cap nicely

- Cut a turnip cooked with saffron into 4 quarters

Les Gamins

Chapon fermier


 4 capon supremes with skin


- Cut the supreme and reserve the skin

- Wrap the supreme in cling film, seasoned with salt and pepper

- Place in slightly simmering water for 30 minutes

- Remove and cool in ice water. Set aside

- Place the capon's skin in a deep fryer at 180°c and fry until it turns a nutty color

- Déposer sur du papier absorbant, saler, poivrer, réserver



8 langoustines



- For the langoustines, remove the shells and fry them briefly in a pan

Baste with butter, the cooking should be pearly

 Bisque de homard

1 onion 

2 carrots

Lobster carcasses

1 tablespoon tomato paste

1 tablespoon of cognac

20 cl of fresh cream


- Brown onions, carrots, lobster carcasses and tomatoes (or concentrate depending on the season)

- Flambé the whole with cognac, add fresh cream and simmer gently for an hour

- Blend everything in a food processor. Pass through a sieve and slightly thicken

Add a knob of butter and mix it all together

 Légumes & crémeux de butternut


Seasonal vegetables



Préparation légumes

- Blanch the vegetables in well-salted water, bring to a boil, for about 2 to 3 minutes, then cool them in ice-cold water

- In a saucepan, put 200 ml of water, 50 g of butter, a tablespoon of sugar, salt, pepper, bring to a boil. Add your vegetables and let cook for 1 min 30 to 2 minutes.

Preparation of creamy butternut

- Cook the butternuts in salted water, once cooked drain them, put them in a blender with a knob of butter, blend until smooth and shiny


- Slide the capon supreme into a frying pan with hot oil, sear on each side, add a knob of butter, garlic and thyme

- Baste it until you get a hazelnut color

Add salt and pepper, and arrange everything

L'Ô à la bouche

Daurade royale


1kg sea bream fillet, scaled and boned

100g pickling salt


- Place the pickling salt in a dish and let the fillets marinate on the skin side

for 15 minutes

- Rinse the fillets under cold water

and clean them well

- Cut into thin slices of 3 millimeters thick lengthwise

- set aside in a cool place

 Tartare exotique


50g mango 

50g pineapple 

50g papaya

100g sweet potatoe

1 passion fruit 


- Steam the whole sweet potato with the skin

- After cooking, peel it and leave it in a cool place for a night, then cut it into small cubes 

(3 mm)

- Peel and dice the fruit 

(3 mm)

- Gently mix the fruit and sweet potato with the passion fruit pulp, 

add salt and pepper

 Huile Vanille Passion


1 vanilla beam

1 lime juice

 5cl mirin

 5cl honey

2cl olive oil

1 passion juice 


- Scrape the vanilla bean, mix it in a saucepan with the mirin, honey, lemon juice, passion fruit juice

- Reduce by 2/3 over low heat

Remove the vanilla bean by squeezing it well, let it cool, add the olive oil to the blender, season

Season the sea bream with the vanilla passion oil
- Arrange the exotic tatar on the plates
- Add 1 drizzle of vanilla passion oil, a dash of passion pulp and sprinkle with green onion tops

Le Parc

Sweet Dough


150 g butter

75 g icing sugar

1 egg

1egg yolk

250 g flour


- Cream the butter, add the powdered sugar and then the eggs

- Finish with the flour, as soon 

as you obtain a homogeneous paste

Let rest for 1 hour, then roll out and bake in a hot oven at 180°C

 Lemon Crémeux


200 g eggs

200 g sugar

160 g lemon juice

2 fsheets og gelatine

200g butter (cut into cubes and put in the freezer)


Cook the egg, sugar and lemon juice mixture in a double boiler until the mixture thickens and the first large bubbles appear.

Remove from the water bath and add the rehydrated gelatin, then the frozen butter cubes (this allows the mixture to cool)

Garnish the cooked and cooled pastry base and place in a cool place for at least 1 hour before placing

 Swiss Meringue


200 g sugar

120g egg whites (about 4 units)



- Bring the mixture to about 50°C on the water bath while stirring with a whisk, then use an electric mixer to raise the mixture like a meringue until it cools down (about 10min)

- Arrange the meringue on the pie with a pocket or a spatula and caramelize the top with a

- Place in the fridge for about 4 hours and enjoy!

Le Saint Cerf

Candied Egg


4 egg yolks (1 per person)

soy sauce


- Commencer par mariner un jaune d’œuf dans un bain de sauce soja (45min à 1 h), cela va lui permettre d’obtenir une légère croûte et une cuisson par le sel pour le confire et le rendre crémeux

Infused Mayonnaise


20 cl grape seed oil

1 bunch of tagetes leaves

White balsamic vinegar


- Mix the grape seed oil with tagetes leaves (or any other aromatic herb), filter it finely

- Make a mayonnaise with this oil and relax it with a white balsamic vinegar, season

Celery Salad


500 g of Celery root

Ice water bath


- Peel and finely chop the celery with a mandolin

- Cut it into thin sticks 

Blanch them quickly in a pan of salted water and cool them immediately after cooking to stop the cooking process

Bind the celery with the tagetes sauce and arrange in a nest
Collect the egg yolk and place it in the middle
- Finish with sesame/wasabi, pepper mill, edible herbs and flowers and cooked breadcrumbs (here with vegetable charcoal and herbs)

Xavier Brignon

Mango Confit


250 gr flour

10 gr salt

95 gr water

75 gr room temperature butter

125 gr butter for the puff pastry


- Prepare the puff pastry, let it rest for 30 minutes and then give the first double turn

- Let rest 1 hour then give the second double turn

- Let stand for 1 hour then spread to 2.5 mm thickness

- Bake at 180° for 30 to 35 minutes between 2 baking sheets

- Let cool then cut 18 circles of 4 cm in diameter

Light Vanilla Cream


250 gr milk

25 gr sugar

½ vanilla bean

5 gr sugar

60 gr egg yolks

20 gr Maïzena

2 fsheets og gelatine

170 gr of whipped cream


- Make a pastry cream and add the soaked gelatin

- When the cream is at 22°, add the whipped cream

- Let the cream cool in the refrigerator

Mango Confit


4 fresh mango

50 gr sugar

250 gr of mango puree

2 gr Pectin


- Peel and cube the mango and place the cubes in 6 small circles of 4 cm in diameter

- Put the rest of the mangoes aside

- Heat the mango puree. Mix sugar and pectin and add to warm mango puree

- Give a broth then pour on the mango cubes, on 1 cm thickness, place in the freezer

- Turn out when cold

- Add the rest of the mangoes in the coulis then mix and put this mixture in the ice cream maker


- Place a circle of puff pastry in the middle of the plate, then a circle of mango cube, again puff pastry on which you will poach small balls of vanilla cream

- Finish with puff pastry

- Arrange a few dumplings of mango sorbet on the plate, along with dots of coulis and vanilla cream

- Decorate with cigarette paste decorations

Le 76



- 8 scallops

- 30 g butter

- 1 ginger bulb

- 1 mango

- 2 passion fruit

- 2 sand carrots

- 1 black radish

- 2 yellow carrots

- sparkling water

- 100 g flour

- 500 cl frying oil

- 1 pinch of chilli


- Mix flour and sparkling water

- Cut the vegetables into thin strips

- Dip them in the tempura batter and fry them for 2 minutes in oil at 180 degrees

-Mix mango and passion fruit, add half of the ginger, and the chili pepper

- Rôtir la saint Jacques 2 minutes de chaque côté

-Add the rest of the minced ginger, then the butter, and dress the plate