Galerie de Portraits : une collection iconique pleine de surprises
Découvrez les arguments de vente de la collection

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Sales arguments

The collection of the Galerie de Portraits holds some lovely secrets... An emotion always arises when meeting its characters.
But then, how do you create a link between the character on the tray and the future buyer? How do you present the trays to your customers?
Between aesthetic quality and technical quality, we bring you all the useful information you need to promote the Galerie de Portraits collection to your customers. We are counting on you to be our most loyal influencers and to wear their unique personalities with pride!


Stories to tell

Each character in the Galerie de Portraits has a character and a story of its own. Sometimes rebellious, lazy, daring or non-conformist... they are endowed with personality traits that echo the personal stories and feelings of each one.
These characters do not say "look at me" but "look at you".

The story of the character is an essential element to seduce your customers. Through its visuals and details, the collection appeals to the emotional sphere and to memories: a detail on the costume, a familiar character, a benevolent presence are all criteria that arouse emotion and affect.
The customer is seduced by this encounter with the product by identifying with the world and the personality it exudes.

Choose your favourite character and tell their story!

From the medal-winning hummingbird to the generous bon vivant to the protective mother, the diversity of personalities and stories is a gold mine to share in store.

We tell you the story of four of our best-sellers.
Learn them to bring them back to the store!


Lazy Victoire




"The characters in the Galerie de Portraits each have a story to tell"

"The Galerie de Portraits humorously revisits portraits of ancestors inspired by classical painting, as an invitation to weave together our memories."

Double functionality

One of the special features of this collection is its dual functionality. The products in the collection play a double game.

The material is resistant and can be used every day. Its exceptional resistance allows it to accommodate, for example, a boiling teapot and to go through the dishwasher without risk of altering its quality.

These serving trays are also paintings that can be placed on your wall. They create a singular and personal atmosphere... by referring to a portrait gallery. The details of the printing, the quality of the finishing and the graphic design turn the everyday object into a work of art.
They can be displayed as desired in different areas of the house: in the kitchen, but also in the entrance hall, the living room or the bedroom as wall decoration.


"The trays create a personal atmosphere in every room of the house: bedroom, living room, kitchen..." 

"The trays in the Galerie de Portraits are suitable for everyday use.

A responsible collection

The origins of the collection: a reaction to industrial waste

The adventure of the Galerie de Portraits began in 2004, when the founders of ibride visited a tray manufacturing factory and noticed that the production process of a classic service tray generated significant material waste. At first, they thought about using the offcuts to design a new object, but they were unsuccessful in this approach. Then they came up with the idea of keeping all the material around the tray before cutting it out, and keeping it. The tray then has a wide border, which they decide to open up using the codes of framing. To support this reference to the painting, they choose to create visuals of stylish portraits and envisage the tray on the wall when it is no longer in use. Thus was born the concept of the Galerie de Portraits, with a tray that has a double function, as both a tray and a painting.

A French manufacture and an eco-responsible material

An eco-responsible material

Our trays are made of birch laminate. The sheets of birch paper used meet the FSC environmental standards (want to know more about FSC standards? Follow this link). This certification indicates that we are using material from sustainably managed forests that will help ensure that our forests thrive for future generations.

Stages of valorization in our workshops

All the steps that add value to the final product are carried out in France in our workshops or at our local partners.

The first stage of manufacturing is done in Sweden. To make it, the first step is to hot-press a birch yarrow under high pressure.

Then, when the tray arrives in our workshops, we use a laser to create the fine lace that frames the visuals. Cutting is a delicate stage that requires special know-how that has been constantly improved over the years. Each family of trays is designed with its own finish.

Collaboration with ESAT
(Establishment and service of help by working)

Finally, quality control and packaging are carried out in a work assistance establishment (ESAT). This is a work establishment reserved for people with disabilities, whose objective is to integrate adults with disabilities into the working world. The ESAT welcomes people whose work capacities do not allow them to have an ordinary job.

The work proposed is always adapted according to the person's abilities. Our trays always pass through the hands of an ESAT employee to pack it, add the wall hook in the box or stick the label on the box...
We believe it is essential to work for more social justice by supporting a solidarity economy.


“The Galerie de Portraits collection is Made in France”
“The trays are made of birch wood to offer greater resistance”

"We use FSC laminate, an eco-responsible material"

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