First portrait created by Rachel Convers, Ambroise is a symbolic figure of the Ibride heritage. Small, he remains nonetheless charismatic. Under his manner of mysterious aristocratic hummingbird, one thing is certain, Ambroise embodies a cultivated and courteous character that radiates benevolence.

« Medalled and a bit eccentric, I am the eldest of a great lineage leading his troops with brio. »

 Ming Acqua

Iconic creation of the Faux-semblants collection, Ming Acqua, both unique and multiple celebrates the pure forms of the eponymous Asian vase. After dividing it into subtle crockery pieces, an unexpected graphic universe inspired by a strange and dreamlike aquatic world is revealed.


« I am watching you with a caring eye as you slowly immerse yourself into the deep and mysterious waters of this green pond.  »


Protagonist in 27 novels of the Human Comedy of Balzac, Eugene de Rastignac is a disillusioned and playful seducer. His mysterious and steady gaze, his rebellious strand of hair, his slightly curved torso... The magnetism of this intriguing hybrid creature invites us to probe the depths of a soul. At the limit of debauchery, but always with the absolute elegance of the dandy, he embodies his role as a manipulator to perfection. 

« Sometimes lover, sometimes enemy, I will do anything to reach my goals. »


Agile wall shelf, Horace overlooks the space, recalling the true greatness of nature that dominates man.

Through this creation, Benoit Convers translates the unexpected irruption of nature into incongruous places. 

« As I was climbing on a wall, I was suddenly disturbed by the presence of a man who, fascinated and surprised, scrutinized me in every detail. »