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Horace : the acrobatic shelf unit

In the  Mobilier de compagnie collection, the shelf unit Horace takes the shape of a mountain goat suspended in mid-air.

Springing from Benoît Convers' imagination, it pays homage to chance encounters between Man and Animal.


Through Horace, the latest of the “Household pet” furniture creations, ibride focuses on the image of an encounter — that of wildlife in its natural habitat caught unawares by Man. This acrobatic piece of furniture, a shelf in solid-core laminate to be mounted on the walls of a living-room, dining-room, patio, veranda or sun-room, is a way of inviting the animal indoors which will surprise you and your friends. Once assembled, the shelf will dominate and overlook your interior — an allegory giving Nature its true magnitude.


The origin of this piece of furniture resides in an image which struck designer Benoît Convers' imagination

« The dam of the Lake Cingino in the Piedmont Mountains in Italy is made of salted stones. And even though the wall of the dam is almost vertical, reaching a height of 2,000 metres (6,000 feet), we saw herds of ibex climbing the wall in order to lick the rock.» 


The animal is transformed into moveable furniture

There once was Bambi, the motionless animal, a chest of drawers in the shape of a doe its drawers waiting to receive your treasured possessions. Now there is Horace, celebrating the agility of the mountain goat. 

« his image of the mountain goats climbing the dam describes the unexpected intrusion of nature in incongruous  places. It reminds us that Nature always manages to create situations or manages to do things which Man would be incapable of doing. » 

Whatever Man may do, the earth and its eco-system will always have the last word. A gesture which brings us down to earth — Nature will always demand its rightful place and the animal, showing its bravery, will always go and seek Nature wherever it may be found. Thus, Horace is deeply rooted in ibride's philosophy, looking towards the immensity and nobility of the environment which surrounds us.


Going beyond this astonishing and persistent image, the designers also wished to work on the notions of vertigo and verticality. So, Horace, made by ibride, climbs (roams) the vertical face of our own habitat. “In the shape and by the movement it implies, this shelf unit becomes a sculpture.” A sculpture on the look-out, modelled in the image of a mountain goat, surprised and attentive to your slightest gesture. It peers with its body perched on high before suddenly, who knows, scampering away.

Open shelving and natural bookcase

These shelves or this bookcase — or both at the same time — will accommodate small decorative objects and/or books which will nestle at Horace's feet or will be sheltered by the animal — in the depths of its heart. The originality of its shape echoes the sobriety of its material and colour — brushed matt black which will make your ornaments and other treasures stand out for the pleasure of your guests. Horace will be delivered in a flat package and can be assembled very simply, the pieces fitting together as explained in the accompanying instructions. 


Le petit + :

 Comment s’approcher d’Horace sans le faire fuir ?

When standing just a few yards from a so-called wild piece of furniture, it is recommended not to make any sudden gestures. Very gingerly, step-by-step, approach the animal without taking your eyes off it for an instant. 

Regardez-la bien : n’y a-t-il pas là une complicité naissante ? À force de patience, Horace finira sans aucun doute par rester de marbre devant vos allées et venues…

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